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Coalition & Capacity Building

Strategic interventions require a long-term commitment and Farm to Table strives for sustained involvement in projects that we take on. However, rather than seeing ourselves as an indispensable participant, we plan ourselves out of the project by building local capacity. As partners in a community, enterprise or initiative build new capacities, they can in turn become the trainers and further develop resources and skills that can be leveraged in future work.

By building local capacity we are not only creating additional resources, but we are also cultivating leaders that can bring new perspectives and experience to food systems work. The result is innovation that can be shared in other communities and other efforts.

New Mexico Farmer Innovation Program 

n partnership with the USDA and the NM Farm Service Agency, this program will assess statewide farmer interest in and understanding of USDA programs, infrastructure, as well as coordinate regional farm meetings to learn and conduct outreach and education about federal programs. Our goals of this project are to increase production capacity, sustainability and adaptability, and resource utilization of urban and underserved rural farmers through direct outreach, technical assistance, financial assistance, and increasing market opportunities. Read more.

Food Policy Cohort 

The Food Policy Cohort focuses on leadership development to ensure the future of the NMFAPC while fostering engagement among rising community food, farm, environment and public health leaders. We are committed to growing this program through activities that will help to build the leadership, advocacy and grassroots organizing skills of the Cohort, with the goal of increasing community engagement in food system policy work and by extension, the NMFAPC. 

Helping Others to Build Capacity

After decades of experience building out local food systems, Farm to Table has the privilege of lending our knowledge and expertise to others working in local food and agriculture. Farm to Table’s experience and history of positive impact in our communities gives us the experience necessary to help others build capacity in partnership with community and governmental stakeholders. 

Have a project or idea that fits into a local food advocacy framework?

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Past and Present Projects

NY Food Policy Councils 
Our experience with food policy councils and connections within our regional food system resulted in being asked to advise in the formation of seven food policy councils in New York, as well as the development of a Food Policy Council Network, by the Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future and the New York Health Foundation. 

Rocky Mountain Farmers Union 
Since 2010, Farm to Table has been contracted by the Rocky Mountain Farmers Union to advocate on their behalf for policy priorities at the New Mexico State Legislature and throughout the year. Many RMFU policy priorities align closely with Farm to Table’s food and agriculture policies.  

Community Outreach Patient Empowerment Program (COPE) 
In 2017 Farm to Table partnered with the Community Outreach Patient Empowerment Program (COPE), focusing on policies and programs that support the unique needs of Tribal communities. We were honored to work with COPE and the Harvard Food and Law Clinic at Harvard Law School to develop the Navajo Nation Farm Bill Toolkit that was released in 2018