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Farm to Table is unique. Unlike many nonprofits that have an earned income stream (either from sales or program income), Farm to Table offers its services and programs entirely FREE of charge. That means we rely on tax-deductible contributions from individuals and businesses, grants from private foundations, as well as local, state, and federal funding sources.

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Your contribution helps us to: 

  • Gather the collective voice of New Mexicans to advocate and educate policy makers about how state and federal programs impact their lives. 
  • Build and grow Local Food Initiatives, benefitting over 225,000 New Mexicans 
  • Produce events like Food & Farms Day and our Civic Engagement Training, inspiring over 200 individuals, and engaging them in the democratic process. 
  • Offer technical assistance and capacity building to farmers, ranchers and food producers in rural, urban, frontier and tribal communities. 
  • Connect policy and law making to the boots on the ground, hands in the earth people that are affected by our country’s history of discriminatory farm policy, raising their voices, telling their story and showing why everyone’s voice matters. 

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