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Top area with green background – Welcome to Farm to Table New Mexico
Farm to Table collaborates with hundreds of partners across the state, region and nation, creating a ripple effect that touches our lives in big and small ways – at home, in schools and in the field. Since 1996, Farm to Table has worked to strengthen the economic livelihoods of farmers by building connections to local markets, facilitating sales of local fresh produce to institutions and restaurants, by bringing healthy foods and exploratory learning to schools by way of farm to school programs, by providing trainings that highlight pollinators as allies, by assisting communities with food policy council development to strive for equity in our food system, and by gathering folks in learning environments.

Box 1 – Policy & Advocacy  Advocating for responsible, sustainable, community centered policy is vital to the progress of many federal and state food and agriculture programs. We work to minimize barriers and change local procurement structures while organizing united voices to inform policymakers about the benefits of these programs. Working across multiple initiatives helps us learn about who is involved in the food system, who is left out, what capacity looks like, and what it will take to change political and economic structures that deny people equitable access. 

Box 2 – Community Outreach & Education  Through a variety of events and in-community conveneings, Farm to Table works to: bring advocacy tools to communities throughout New Mexico; educated policy makers about the importance of New Mexico’s rural and urban agricultural communities and the people they serve; celebrate and uplift farmers, ranchers and food systems workers; gather farmers and buyers together in co-learning environments to facilitate networking and problem solving.

Box 3 – Capacity & Coalition Building  By building local capacity we are not only creating additional resources, but we are also cultivating leaders that can bring new perspectives and experience to food systems work. The result is innovation that can be shared in other communities and other efforts.

Middle with tan background – Our Impact  We contribute to community vitality by helping farmers and ranchers maintain their cultural heritage, preserving ancient waterways and farmland, and keeping food in the local community, which contributes to the economic and health resilience of all corners of New Mexico.

Big Box 1 The Food & Farms Day Awards nominations are a great way to recognize your favorite local food champions in five different award categories. You can highlight the efforts of hard working farmers and ranchers, nonprofit organizations, health and conservation coalitions, and any business or individual contributing to the enrichment of our local food system. 

Big Box 2  Support local, sustainable and accessible agriculture with a donation to Farm to Table! 

Bottom with tan background – Funders/Partners/Collaborators  Transforming our local food system to center equity, justice and sustainability on small, local farmers wouldn’t be possible without the generous support of our funders, the tremendous expertise of our collaborators, and unmatched enthusiasm of our partners. 

Caroll Petrie Foundation

Center for Science in the Public Interest

City of Santa Fe

New Mexico Foundation

New York State Health Foundation

Thornburg Foundation

Santa Fe County


Union of Concerned Scientists

W.K Kellogg Foundation

Agri-Cultura Cooperative Network

Alliance for Local Economic Prosperity

Anthony Youth Farm

Black Farmers and Ranchers of NM

Center for Health Innovation

Center for Science in the Public Interest

Dine’ Food Sovereignty Alliance

First Nations Development Institute

FoodCorps NM

The Food Depot


Indian Pueblo Cultural Center

La Semilla Food Center

National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition

National Young Farmers Coalition

NM Acequia Association

NM Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts

NM Beekeepers Association

NM Community Data Collaborative

NM Farm & Livestock Bureau

NM Farmers’ Marketing Association

NM First

NM Grown Coalition

NM Healthy Soil Working Group

NM School Nutrition Association

One Generation Indigenous Farm

Quivira Coalition

Rocky Mountain Farmers Union

Rural Coalition

Shiprock Farmers’ Cooperative

Western Landowners Alliance



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