New Mexico Food & Agriculture Policy Council

Our Mission

The mission of the New Mexico Food & Agriculture Policy Council is to advocate for food systems that strengthen the food and farm economies in New Mexico, and encourage and advance keeping food grown, raised, and processed in New Mexico, through support, education, and policy. Through our work we strive to enhance the health and wellness of people and communities, and to sustain natural resources.

Our Vision

The New Mexico food supply and farm economies are prosperous, and support the economic, cultural, environmental and social well-being of farmers, consumers and communities.

Values Statement

A just, equitable, and sustainable food system is one that provides physical, economic and community health; regenerates, protects, and respects natural resources and animals; and ensures that all people live with dignity and freedom from oppression and exploitation.

Equity Statement

The Policy Council members compose a network of like-minded organizations and coalitions striving to fulfill the goal of racial and social equity within food, farming, and ranching systems. The Policy Council members hold each other accountable to these values and work together to collaboratively address equity (gender, racial, social, and economic) issues that affect our communities and those we represent

The New Mexico Food & Agriculture Policy Council is a program of and is coordinated by Farm to Table, a 501(c)(3) organization based in New Mexico.