Civic Engagement Training

The New Mexico Food & Agriculture Policy Council’s Civic Engagement Training introduces participants to the importance of advocacy and helps them find ways to educate policy makers on key issues.

The training provides an introduction to state and national policy in relationship to food and farm systems, and healthy communities. It prepares participants for the New Mexico Legislative session, and includes tools that will support participation during the legislative session and beyond. 

Through an equity lens and with an upstream approach to engaging policy makers, we will actively involve participants in issues coming up at the New Mexico legislative session. Participants will begin to understand the legislative process, how to track legislation, and how to engage legislators around issues through focused dialogue and sharing their stories. The training brings together people who have worked to create strong advocacy around food, farming, conservation and water issues as well legislators and members of state agencies who hold key responsibilities. It will include presentations and break out sessions to explore particular topics.  

2023 Civic Engagement Training

Recording of the 2023 Civic Engagement Training


Resource page

Template to use to tell your story to legislators (Word document will download)

The Civic Engagement Training is co-sponsored by the New Mexico Food & Agriculture Policy Council and the NM Association of Conservation Districts, and produced by Farm to Table. 

Youth Civic Engagement Training

Agri-Cultura Cooperative Network has created lesson plans to meet NM education standards in writing and social studies around equitable healthy meals and farming.  Lesson plans have been created by local educators with resources and in depth learning options. These lesson plans can be adapted so that all students can learn about how food can help and/or hurt them. Included is a 4th and 6th grade sample lesson plan with templates and opportunities to work with a team of teachers. The standards and lessons can and should be adapted for students from 2nd grade up to high school. 

Recording of the 2021 Youth Civic Engagement Training

Youth Civic Engagement Training Resources

The Youth Civic Engagement Training is co-sponsored by the New Mexico Food & Agriculture Policy Council and Agri-Cultura Cooperative Network, and produced by Agri-Cultura Cooperative Network.

Photo Credit Einar E. Kvaran, Creative Commons