Each year, NMFAPC members are encouraged to bring policy issues for consideration that fall generally within the contours of the Policy Council enunciated preamble, mission, vision, values, purposes, and guiding principles. Policy issues proposed for support at the upcoming NM legislative session will receive further consideration and deliberation by the Policy Council. Each qualifying legislative proposal will be placed on one of five Tiers (lead, endorse, support, neutral or oppose). The Legislative Advocacy Team will act in the capacity to implement the Tier placement selections and is given discretion to make immediate decisions during the NM Legislative Session with the obligation to report back formally to the full Policy Council membership. 

Please fill out the application to have New Mexico legislation considered for Tier placement. Submissions from  NMFAPC members will have priority.


Policy Council Tier Placement-Designation

The Policy Council reviews requests for potential legislation using the following criteria:  

  • Have statewide or potential statewide focus or impact.
  • Support the Values Statement (IV).

AND any of the following:

  • Advance keeping food grown, raised, processed and consumed in NM. 
  • Does the issue already have sufficient lobbying support?
  • Does the issue have support of the food and agriculture communities?
  • Does it fit within the capacity of our lobbyist to contribute actual lobbying support (aside from tracking)?
  • Is it politically viable?
  • Tier placement options include the following:

1st Tier – Lead

NM Food & Agriculture Policy Council (NMFAPC) takes the lead and is responsible for all organizing, advocacy, outreach and communications for these bills. We will track these bills and provide regular updates and action alerts. We will encourage NMFAPC members to attend legislative hearings and visit legislators. They may include bills of the NMFAPC members who ask us to take the lead.

2nd Tier – Endorse

Other organizations take lead on organizing and advocating for and communications and ask the NM Food & Ag Policy Council to stand in support, add to any advocacy communications, and tracking. NMFAPC’s name may be used by sponsoring organization(s). NMFAPC may support by signing on to endorsement letters but will work less directly on these bills.

3rd Tier – Support

Bills that we are for or against that the membership wants us to track, but not take a position on. Depending on the number and types of legislation in Tiers 1 and 2, NMFAPC may not have the capacity to track Tier 3 bills.

4th Tier – Neutral

Legislation that we do not have enough evidence for members to take a position or that we choose to not take action.

5th Tier – Oppose

The membership can choose to actively oppose.